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The Platform

Serving The Community

I was born and raised in this district, and as an expecting mother, I want better for our students. As your next school board member, I will be a voice for students and teachers. Our teachers need an advocate to ensure they get higher pay, a say at the table, and the tools necessary to be successful in the classroom. Along with teachers, students need an advocate so they don’t fall through the cracks. There are ongoing issues with bullying, classroom size, and school safety that need to be addressed. The solution to these issues is not arming teachers - what we need is an environment conducive to learning. I will be a voice for fully funding our public schools, and making sure the charter and public schools are held accountable. Vote for me on August  28th, and I will be your voice. 

Equity & Excellence for ALL STUDENTS

Knowing that a good education is the bridge between aspirational dreams and a successful life, she is committed to build that bridge for every child. 


  • COMMITTED to Improving the Safety of Our Schools
  • COMMITTED to Providing Fair Pay for Teachers
  • COMMITTED to Learning not Testing
  • COMMITTED to Addressing Bullying, Mental Health and Special Needs


United By A Common Goal: SAFETY

The solution to our violence in schools is not to arm teachers or school personnel.  We need common sense solutions such as more SRO officers, a guard at the school entrance, and a closed campus to ensure no one is coming on a campus that shouldn’t be.

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Irene For School Board District 4 in Hialeah

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